Bray Valves 70-24-0501SV


24V MOD 30s 5000# w/AUX ACTR



Bray Valves 70-24-0501SV 24V MOD 30s 5000# with AUX ACTR Ryinstock has long been an industry leader in Bray’s Commercial division  
Their red ball, butterfly, and check valves, along with their actuators and accessories, are in high demand
Ryinstock has Great Pricing, Quality Service, and Fast Shipping
Bray International operates in power, water filtration, desalination, oil & gas, chemical, commercial automatic temperature control systems
Bray International  includes  Bray Controls, Bray Commercial, Flow-Tek and Ritepro
Please contact us anytime, or Bray’s own tech support line is 281 894-5454